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November 15 2017


What You Need to Know when Shopping for Renters Insurance Delhi

3248 9ec9 500 If you are a tenant and experience natural disasters, your landlord’s insurance will only pay for the costs of repairing the building. If you are a renter and own lots of personal belongings to protect, you need to secure a renters insurance Delhi for peace of mind. 

Like home insurance, the coverage for renter’s insurance will coverinsurance for personal belongings, liability protection, and additional living expenses. As landlords will mostly require you this coverage, why not work with Royal Insurance Agency, and have them take care of your belongings even if you are away.

Here are few questions to ask yourself to get the best renter’s insurance:

How much insurance do you need?

Ensure that you keep an inventory of all your personal possessions to know how much it’s all worth. This will provide you with sufficient insurance especially during theft, burglary, fire and other covered calamities.

What types of disasters are covered?

Renters insurance will cover any losses triggered by smoke or fire, windstorm, lightning, explosion, vandalism, theft and other types of water damage. For floods and earthquakes, you need a special coverage for this with a private insurer. You can endorse an additional coverage to your renter’s policy usually depending on where you live.

How to know your deductible and how it works?

A deductible is a certain sum of money you will pay before an insurance coverage takes place. For instance, you have a $500 deductible and fire destroys $5000 worth of your personal possessions, you take responsibility for the first $500, while insurance pays you $4500.

Are you covered while traveling or away from your rented home?

Renters insurance Delhi will cover your property even if you are away or outside your home, provided it is stipulated in your policy. If you have lost something while in a hotel room, your property can be protected by the policy.

What types of discounts are offered for this insurance?

Insurance companies can provide you discounts if you have another policy bundled with the coverage. You can also get discounts if your rented home has a security system, smoke detector, deadbolt lock, you have good credit, remain loyal to the insurer, and are over 55 years old. As a rule of thumb, you need to shop around for the best renters insurance Delhi for discounts.

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